Rockdale Return and Earn Customer Portal

Please read all of the information below BEFORE making a collection booking via our portal

The Portal Login Button is at the bottom of this page

Creating a Job

When you click on the green ‘Create Job’ button you will be presented with the job templates that are applicable to your account. Every Job list available should have at least a ‘Bag Collection’ job and also a ‘Bin Swap’ Job. If you have more than one bin it should show every amount up until the amount of bins you have. For example if you have 4 bins you should have the following jobs available: Bag Collection, Bin Swap 1, Bin Swap 2, Bin Swap 3 and Bin Swap 4. It is important to have separate booking for all bag collections to ensure your bags are collected.

Adding Your Details

Under the heading ‘Customer’ select your name or if you are managing multiple sites select the customer you are making a booking for.

Adding Your Address

Simply click on the house button to the right of the address field. This will auto populate your address in to the address field.


To ensure your booking request appears on our dispatch map you need to make sure the small ‘Green Latitude Marker’ appears next to the small house icon to the right of the address field.

The Last Few Steps

The last few steps are pretty self explanatory. Simply select how many Bins need swapping and also how many Bins you have onsite. If you are booking in a Bag Collection we will need to know how many bags need collecting. It is at this point we ask for additional information that may be helpful. This information is not available to our office staff and is more aimed at providing our drivers with further information such as Gate or Door Codes, where bins may be if we cannot find them.


Every booking has the ability to add photos. This is especially helpful if you have had a run of missed services because our drivers have had trouble finding your address. Also helpful if your bin is not in an obvious location for our drivers to locate.

We are now also asking for all customers who are booking a Bag Collection of more than 2 bags to take a photo to ensure there is room on board our trucks. IT also helps our dispatch team to map our collection runs based on how many bags need collecting.

Create Your Return and Earn Collection Booking

To finalise your booking click on ‘Create Job’ on the bottom right of the screen. This will add your booking to our system. If you have just made a Bin Swap request but also have bags to collect please make a seperate booking.


Want to book more than 5 bags?

Please use our online booking form for bag collections that have more than 5 bags. Please be aware that bookings of 5 bags or more without providing a photo may face delays so please have a photo ready for upload to avoid disappointment.

Return and Earn Collection Booking Cut Off Times

To avoid disappointments please ensure your booking is made by 3pm the business day prior to your designated collection day. Please note that if your collection day is a Monday you will need to have your booking made by 3pm Friday

My next collection day falls on a Public Holiday

Look, we all need a rest, we all look forward to having a day off on a Public Holiday and this goes for our staff to. Unfortunately we do not operate on Public Holidays. All customers affected by a Public Holiday will have their collections moved to the following week.

I want to update my banking details for my Return and Earn refund

The customer portal cannot be used for updating or providing bank details. To update your bank details please get in touch with our office via email or our contact us form

I have bags to collect but I have no ‘Bag Collection’ option to choose from

Please complete your Bin Collection via the portal and then submit an online booking via our online booking form and in the notes area let us know that your portal does not allow you to book in bags for collection. Our staff will book in your bags and then rectify your portal so you can use the portal for your bag collections in the future

I cannot access my portal
Im starting to hyperventilate!

If you cannot access the portal, or the password reset email is not arriving in your inbox, chances are you never had portal access. Having a Return and Earn Blue Bin does not provide automatic access to the portal. Portal access must be requested and then granted by us. This is not a automatic process and can take a number of days for us to process your request.