Rockdale Return and Earn School Collections

Currently (as at 1stof Aug 2018) we are successfully servicing in excess of 60 schools throughout Sydney. We are proud of the fact that our services are available to any school. Whether the school is a public, private, catholic, primary, secondary, infants, or a pre-school; our services are available to you.

Whether the fundraising model you choose is driven by the school itself or the P&C, we have a solution that can match the individual needs of your school.

Benefits of Partnering with us include –

  • Our Service is completely free of charge
  • We do not charge for bin rental
  • We do not charge for collections
  • We will pay the FULL 10cents per eligible container
  • We do not lock your school in to a contract

How it works –

  • Every School needs to apply for our bin service. This simple form gets your school loaded into our system.
  • We then organise the amount of bins your school will require
  • Bins are then delivered to your school
  • When your bins are ready for collection simply book your collection online
  • Our truck will turn up on your designated collection day and swap your full bins with clean empty bins
  • Your full bins are tagged and then delivered to our Rockdale facility for counting, sorting and verification
  • An invoice will then be issued along with payment in line with our payment practices (more on this below)

Payments –

The school type will determine how payments of refunds are processed.

For private schools, catholic schools and preschools with their own bank accounts, payments will be made in to your nominated bank account, followed by a remittance advice.

For school programs (including NSW Public Schools) that are administered or where funding will be going to the School P&C, payments will be made into your nominated bank account followed by a remittance advice.

For NSW Public Schools we are an EDConnect Business partner with a Vendor Number. How we process your payments is as follows –
Payment is made directly to EdConnect with identifiers in the payment for EdConnect to be able to reconcile these amounts with a Remittance Advise/Recipient Created Tax Invoice identifying your school and the amount of containers redeemed.

To make it even more simple, we can also issue your refund via a cheque!

Container Eligibility –

Follow this link for information on container eligibility

Considerations –

We like to be transparent about some service limitations and considerations that may affect the service we can offer to your school. Please remember that our service is completely free and to minimise disappointment please consider all of the below before applying for our bin service.

Collection Times

We cannot guarantee timeframes that collections take place except that they will only be collected between 730am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We can only reasonably guarantee the collection day

Collection Area

We ask that on the designated collection day the supplied bins are placed in the staff car park or a similar location as agreed to make collection quick and easy. This also allows us to perform our duties at anytime without disrupting students or staff.

Bin Numbers

Generally we like to supply schools with 2-6 bins with a collection either weekly or fortnightly depending on volumes. We can supply more bins for special events like Fetes if need be.

Distance from Rockdale Return and Earn

If your school is a considerable distance from our Rockdale Depot, please get in touch. We do have schools working with us that, due to their distance, have special arrangements in place. For example your school may be an hour away from Rockdale, in this case we may provide 20 Bins and do a collection every 2 weeks. We are in more schools than any other collection point due to our ability to serve custom arrangements where others cannot.

New School Application

Full Name
You acknowledge and agree the bins or bags provided to you by St George Recyclers remain at all times the property of St George Recyclers and that you will not hinder the repatriation of bins or bags if requested by St George Recyclers.
You agree that any bins supplied by St George Recyclers will be used only for the purpose of storing eligible drink containers under the NSW Governments Return and Earn initiative for collection only by St George Recyclers
You agree that if a wheelie bin issued to your property by St George Recyclers becomes lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, that you will reimburse St George Recyclers the full cost of such bin including any information labels attached to the bin. Current replacement value is $57.60 including GST