Scrap Guide

The list below is a fairly basic description of the different types of scrap we buy.

Bright and Shiny
Bright and shiny wire is electrical copper wire, stripped from its outer casing, is clean with no residue and free of plastic and all other contaminants.

Copper #1
#1 copper can be pipe, sheet, bar or wire. #1 Copper should have no solder, no paint, no sticky residue and or no brass. Can be dis-coloured from oxidation and may look green in colour.

#2 Copper is much the same as #1 however can have paint, residue, solder, joins but NO BRASS.

Copper Domestic
Domestic copper is the same as above but can have a maximum of 10% brass fittings.

Insulated Copper Wire – Low  Grade
Low Grade wire is electrical wire with plugs or fittings still attached. Includes: Cable from appliances, computers and Christmas lights. CANNOT have Aluminium wire, coaxial wire or transformers. (Under 40% Copper Content)

Insulated Copper Wire – Medium grade

Medium Grade wire is electrical wire as above however cannot have plugs, reels, transformers or any other contaminants.

Insulated Copper Wire – High Grade
High Grade wire is any insulated wire with a copper content exceeding 65%. Cannot have any contaminants including plugs, reels and transformers.

Aluminium extrusion shall be clean from steel, stainless, rubber, plastic and glass contaminants.
Can have a coating such as paint or chrome.

Domestic aluminum consists of pots and pans, painted sheet, and is the main grade of aluminum found around household. Can have no more than 12% Contaminants.

Cast aluminium shall be clean from all contaminants, including plastic and steel.

Sheet aluminium can be of any thickness however cannot be coated in paint or enamel otherwise downgrades to domestic.

Aluminium cans such as coke and pepsi cans. Cannot contain steel bottle caps of steel tuna type tins.

Irony aluminium is the ‘dirty’ aluminium grade. Can have 50% contaminants by weight.


Clean Brass
As the description states, Clean brass is free of all contaminants including steel and alloys. Clean brass can be chrome plated.

Dirty Brass
Dirty brass is brass with steel or alloy contaminants. No more than 10% contaminants

Mixed Electric Motors
Mixed Electric Motors shall be clean and cannot consist of the following: Power tools or industrial machinery, with gear boxes attached, with pumps attached, excessive steel attachments, compressors or motors attached to compressors, circuit boards, computer fans, power boxes, steel cased transformers, light ballast and transformers, welders and industrial battery chargers, fans or fan motors with excessive steel base plates, excessive plastic, light ballast and plug chargers, submersible pumps or motors, and electric motors without windings.

Non-Conforming motors
Non-Conforming motors consists of the following:: Power tools, gearboxes attached, pumps attached, steel attachments, circuit boards attached, welders and industrial battery chargers, fans with excessive steel attachments, submersible motors with excessive steel. We strongly recommend separating each type before sale.

Transformers shall be clean and must not have excessive plastic, steel or rubber.

Light Balalst
(includes plug in type chargers)Shall not have excessive steel attached or be encased in a steel housing

Compressor units are the soccer ball size thing in the back of your fridge. They range in size from the small bar fridge to the air con size. They cannot have excessive steel attached such as base plates.

Clean 304
Clean 304 is the stainless steel used in applications such as kitchen sinks. 304 must be clean of all contaminants such as timber, brass, copper, plastic and steel. Must be ‘NON-MAGNETIC’

316 is the higher grades of stainless. We only buy 316 if it has been stamped with a imprint stamp stating that it is 316 stainless steel. Generally used in applications such as food preparation and hospitals.

400 Stainless is stainless steel that sticks to a magnet. Must be free from all contaminants.

Aluminium (Dirty)
Car Type aluminium Radiators with the plastic tanks attached.

Aluminium (Clean)
As above however with the plastic tanks removed

Copper Brass
Copper fins with brass tanks. Cannot have the steel brackets that are usually on both ends and welded top and bottom.

Irony Copper
Copper type radiator with either plastic tanks, or brass tanks with steel still attached to the sides welded top and bottom.

Aluminium Copper
These radiators are usually found in commercial fridges and air conditioning units. Typically referred to as Condenser units. This grade of radiator cannot have any steel on the sides and must consist of nothing but aluminium fins with copper pipes going through them.

Dirty Aluminium Copper
As above however can have the steel on the sides.

Lead Acid
Lead Acid batteries are car and truck batteries. Industrial batteries free of their protective steel casings such as forklift cells. See below for further information on batteries we don’t take.

Industrial batteries
Industrial batteries are batteries still encased in their protective steel case, such as electric forklift batteries still in their housing.

Batteries not accepted include but are not limited to: Gel type batteries, rechargeable tool batteries, household type (AA, AAA, C, D, 9v etc..) and any other battery not comprising lead and acid.

Soft Lead
Soft Lead can consist of pipe or sheet. Cannot have any contaminants such as brass fittings

Lead Wheel Weights
Lead wheel weights can be either the steel clip on type or the adhesive stick on type.

Air Conditioners & Refrigeration Units
These units must be complete and not stripped of their components.

Scrap Steel and Appliances

If you are wanting to dispose of scrap steel and black iron such as fridges and washing machines or just general light gauge steel, please be aware that we DO NOT pay for these metals. For more information please follow the link below.