Return and Earn Rockdale

St George Recyclers is an Automated Depot (AD) collection point for the NSW Governments Return and Earn initiative. What this means is that we are a bulk collection facility, ideally suited to customers with more than 500 containers in a single transaction. Don’t worry, we still take small quantities.

We will pay you 10 cents for all eligible drink containers covered by the scheme.

For more information on what is and what is not eligible can be found here on the Return and Earn Web site or by calling the scheme operator Tomra Cleanaway on 1800 290 691

Easier Return and earn experience

Our Return and earn collection point is manned by our friendly and professional staff who are there to offer a faster and easier experience.

  • You do not need to load your containers one at a time as our counting and sorting machines accept hundreds at a time
  • Glass and plastic bottles do not need to be separated as the sorting machines does this for us
  • Staff are on hand to assist with eligible containers that are not so perfect and would otherwise not be accepted at a RVM (Reverse Vending Machine)
  • We don’t get full. Unlike RVMs we do not get full, so you can be sure that provided you arrive during our trading ours, you will get served.

Tag n Go

If you are in a hurry and do not want to wait for our bottles and cans to be processed; we offer a service called ‘Tag nGo’ This is how it works –

  • Head to our dedicated ‘Tag n Go’ Counter
  • Using our tags, write your name and mobile number on to the tag(s) and attach to your bags. Be sure to write one tag for each bag. It will also help if you wrote the amount of bags you are dropping off on to each tag
  • Leave your bags with our staff who will process them when time permits.
  • IF you are coming back for the money, you will receive a SMS once your containers are processed and your refund is available to collect.
  • If you are getting your refund paid into your nominated bank account, you will receive a email once this has been completed.

Please note that if you decide to use this service we cannot guarantee that any bags you leave your containers in will be returned, so it is best to use garbage bags that you are happy to not have returned to you.

Return and Earn Collections

If you are wanting a regular Return and Earn Collection service, or can’t get to a Return and Earn location, we can come to you. For more information on our collection services please follow the link below.