Return and Earn Rockdale

St George Recyclers is an Automated Depot (AD) collection point for the NSW Governments Return and Earn initiative. What this means is that we are a bulk collection facility, ideally suited to customers with more than 500 containers in a single transaction. Don’t worry, we still take small quantities.

We will pay you 10 cents for all eligible drink containers covered by the scheme.

For more information on what is and what is not eligible can be found here on the Return and Earn Web site or by calling the scheme operator Tomra Cleanaway on 1800 290 691

Can we just Turn up?

Sure, we are open to the public 6 days a week Monday to Saturday 7am to 5pm. We are Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Simply turn up, put your containers onto our counter and our staff will load them into our bulk sorting machine. The Automated Depot machine will count and sort the containers. Once complete we will pay you 10 cents each for every eligible container in CASH!

Wheelchair accessible Return and Earn Location

St George Recyclers recognised early on the importance of making our recycling facility easily accessible to people in wheelchairs or those who may have difficulty with access. From having parking directly in front of our site to having extremely friendly staff to help with any of your accessibility requirements, you can rest assured knowing that all people can have easy access to our Return and Earn services.

Children and Family Friendly

You are more than welcome to bring your children or grandchildren down to Rockdale Return and Earn. We believe that all kids should be taught from a young age about recycling. As we pay cash on the spot for all eligible containers covered under the scheme, children can see an immediate benefit from doing so.

Tag n Go

In a hurry or can’t wait? We have a solution at Rockdale Return and Earn we offer an in house service called ‘Tag nGo’ This allows you to simply drop off your containers, put a tag on your bags with your full name and mobile number. We will process your containers during the course of the day. We can pay your refund via bank transfer to your nominated bank account or you can simply come back later and pick up your refund in CASH!

Return and Earn Collections

If you are wanting a regular Return and Earn Collection service, or can’t get to a Return and Earn location, we can come to you. For more information on our collection services please follow the link below.