Changes are coming to how we take collection bookings

From January 1 2022 we will be introducing a small charge to bookings made not using the Customer Portal. This will include bookings made by phone, email and web form. How the fee is charged will depend on the method used to make the booking.

This change is being introduced to reflect the growing administration costs.

From January 1 2022 the following fees will apply to collection bookings made by –

Customer Portal – $ FREE
All other methods $3.00

Book Your Return and Earn Collection

If you are an exisiting Rockdale Return and Earn Bin, Bag or One Off Collection Service customer, please use the form here to book your collection. IF there are any problems one of our staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please note we generally have set days that we will be in your area. If you need us to contact you please make a note in the additional information area on the form.

Payment Terms

Refunds are generally paid by us to you within 14 days of your collection taking place. Payment of refunds for collection services we provide are via EFT directly into a bank account nominated by you. Unfortunately at this stage we are not able to make payment in any other way. We apologise for the inconvenience.

By making this booking you confirm that we have permission to enter your property for the purpose of collecting our bins or bags supplied by us to you for the purpose of collecting used drink containers eligible under the NSW Governments Return and Earn initiative.
To the best of my knowledge no container that is to be collected from me was purchased outside the state of NSW and that no container was purchased before December 1 2017 and that no container has been previously deposited and refunded under the NSW Container Deposit Scheme and finally that no container that is to be collected from me has been recovered from a Material Handling Facility where it was subject to the MRF Processing Protocol
Registering for the customer portal allows you to login to our dispatch interface and create your jobs in real time. If you would like us to register you for the portal please select yes and our team will review your request. Once approved, our team will do the initial setup of your profile and send you an invitation via email to complete the registration process. Please note that this is not an automated process and is only completed during business hours and may take a few days. We appreciate your patience.
I agree that St George Metal Traders Pty Ltd Trading as Rockdale Return and Earn uses machines provided to them by the Return and Earn Network Operator(Tomra-Cleanaway) and that the machines used to count the containers cannot count containers which are not eligible under the NSW CDS scheme. Some examples include, broken glass bottles, squashed or dented cans, and containers without their original labels. During collection, transit and processing, some containers such as glass may become broken or otherwise ineligible and we ask that you agree to not hold us liable for this happening. Our staff will do everything possible to ensure that nothing happens to your containers but unfortunately, stuff happens beyond our control. Help us keep this wonderful service free of charge!

Customer Portal

Rockdale Return and Earn is pleased to announce a new customer portal for collection service customers. This will allow you to log in and create your collection jobs in real time.

Register for the Customer Portal

To Register for our Customer Portal, please complete the form below. In order to register successfully you should already be a collection service customer or have completed the new customer account setup. Please note that the registration process is only completed during business hours and may take a couple of days on our end to process.

Our Return and Earn Collection truck
Containers being processed in our bulk sorting machines
Blue Bins being unloaded at the depot