We are currently not accepting any new Blue Bin customers until 1 April 2020

We are happy to continue accepting bookings from new customers for our Bag Collection Service

New Customer Bin Enquiries

Please note that we no longer supply Blue Bins for Free. We charge $59.00 per Bin for all new customers. For customers not wanting to pay this fee, we still offer a bag collection Free of Charge. For customers who already have a bin, the exchange service is still completely free.

Rockdale Return and Earn Collection Service


Account Setup


An account is NOT needed if you are making deliveries to our site in person.

An account is necessary if you want to engage in any of our Return and Earn Collection Services such as

  • Regular Blue Bin Services
  • Regular and Non-Regular Bag Collection Services
  • One Off Collections

Please note for all of the collections services we pay the refund via Bank Transfer.

Once you have submitted the account setup form one of our staff will load you in to our system and if needed will get in touch to discuss your requirements further.


Blue Bin and Bag Collection Sign Up

Our Blue Bin Exchange service is completely Free. However the blue bin is no longer provided for free. For those customers willing to pay a fee, we have recently introduced a fee of $59.00 to secure delivery of a blue bin to your property within 14  days of applying.

You DO NOT need to pay to sign up for our collection services, as we still offer free collection of bagged containers via our ‘Bag Collection’ Service. Simply have 3-5 large garbage bags of containers and book a collection online.

You Do Not Need a Blue Bin To Use Our Collection Service as we will still collect bags Free of Charge


Locked Bins Now Available


We now have locked bins available. These bins have Green lids and have a small chain and a padlock. The padlocks are all keyed alike. What this means is we can do the bin exchange with ease. Once you book your green bin in for collection, simply have your bin locked and ready. Our driver will attend your property and swap with a clean empty locked bin. You key will open the new bin.

Locked Bin Charges-

There are a number of charges associated with having our locked bins. The charges are as follows-

  • Bin Rental is $1 per week. This will come out of any future collections. For example, if it takes 4 weeks from bin delivery to your first collection, you will receive your refund for your containers minus $4. This will be an itemised line on your refund receipt
  • Initial Bin Fee of $59 per bin upfront (However if changing from a Blue Bin to a Locked Bin No initial Fee is payable)
  • Lost Key Replacement $10
  • Lost Padlock $20

All charges are inclusive of GST and will be taken from any amount we owe you for any containers collected.




Already Have a Bin?

If you already have one of our Return and Earn Collection Service Bins, book your collection via the button below.
Full Name
If you do not provide it now, one of our staff will make contact AFTER your first collection takes place.
You acknowledge and agree the bin or bins provided to you by St George Recyclers remain at all times the property of St George Recyclers and that you will not hinder the repatriation of bins or bags if requested by St George Recyclers.
You agree that any bins supplied by St George Recyclers will be used only for the purpose of storing eligible drink containers under the NSW Governments Return and Earn initiative for collection only by St George Recyclers
You agree that if a wheelie bin issued to your property by St George Recyclers becomes lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, that you will reimburse St George Recyclers the full cost of such bin including any information labels attached to the bin. The replacement cost is $59 including GST
As we no longer provide new customers with bins for free, an option we now have available is for the customer to pay a premium delivery fee of $59.00 incl GST per bin

What this fee does is immediately secures you a bin and also moves you up the list to the next available delivery date (Usually within 7-14 days).
If within 30 days of receiving your bin you decide that our bin service is not for you, let us know and we will cancel the service, collect our bin and refund your $59 fee plus the value of any containers in the bin at the time of collecting the bin. However you will only receive a refund of your fee if you cancel within 30 days of receiving your bin.

The rest of the service operates as normal ie - there is no preferential or premium service offered for collections because you paid a premium delivery fee for your bin. The fee paid is only to secure a bin as opposed to using our Free Bag Collection Service

Paying the $59 fee is not a requirement for our free collection services